Summer Checklist: Graduating Seniors

Make sure to activate your portals for the school you plan to attend and complete all the to-do list tasks online. 
Not sure if you have a portal?
1. Check your email to see if your school sent you anything regarding an account/portal with an ID/username.
2. Follow instructions from that email to set up and activate your account (set up your username/password)
3. If you still can't find the email, Google "name of your school" and "portal" (Ex/ CSUDH Portal) and try to find an "Activate Account" button
4. If you are having trouble, call the phone number associated with the portal's website (most of the time, a phone number is listed or you can Google "name of your school" and "portal" and "phone number"
Need to Order a Final High School Transcript?
Need to Order a  Community College Transcript?
Orientation for 4 Year School
1. Every school has a different process of signing up for orientation but you will most likely have to log into your portal to sign up for orientation
2. If you cannot find it on your portal, Google "Name of your school" and "orientation" and it should most likely take you to a page where you can sign up online
3. Keep in mind that there might be an orientation fee
Orientation for Community Colleges
Colleges will normally give you the option to pay tuition monthly, quarterly, semesterly, or annually. You can choose how you want to pay tuition by logging into your portal and locate a tuition payment plan page. If you cannot find this, you can call the school's financial aid office and ask them to set up your payment plan. 
Are you taking out a federal (FAFSA) loan from the school?
1. If yes, please make sure to complete the online loan entrance counseling webinar
2. Loan entrance counseling is a webinar/training where you learn how to manage your loans and the process of paying them back later on. You'll most likely encounter a loan exit counseling webinar when you're about to graduate college so they can remind you about the process of paying back the loans online.