Student Learner Outcomes

Health Conscious students who:

  • Utilize preventative physical health measures, including proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and risk avoidance
  • Achieve mental well-being through communication, stress reduction, helping others, and valuing self
  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflicts through positive, non-violent means as part of a healthy lifestyle

Effective Communicators who:

  • Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using verbal and nonverbal skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to exchange ideas with diverse groups
  • Continually improve writing ability through creation a variety of documents in preparation for a career or college

Responsible Role Models who:

  • Inspire others to seek opportunities for positive growth
  • Set goals and work toward achieving them
  • Develop awareness and understanding of global views, belief systems and cultures

Outstanding Citizens who:

  • Participate in civic life by understanding and staying informed about governmental processes
  • Contribute time, effort, and ability to improve the quality of both local and global communities.
  • Practice self-discipline, efficacy, and socially responsible behavior
  • Apply complex problem-solving and critical thinking processes beyond the classroom

Efficient Users of technology who:

  • Utilize technology as a tool to research, evaluate, and effectively communicate information in a learning environment
  • Incorporate technology in all content areas to enhance learning
  • Demonstrate competence in using technological devices to further their learning goals to be college and career ready
  • Engage in responsible online behavior on and off campus

Self-directed Lifelong learners who:

  • Adapt to varied roles, responsibilities, schedules, and learning experiences
  • Gather, analyze, synthesize and evaluate data to develop as a well-rounded self-reflective individual
  • Pursue their passion and interests