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Grades                  Counselor                              Email

9th & 11th          Melissa Walker (A-F)

9th & 11th          Erika Ontiveros (G-N)

9th & 11th          Daniel Torres (O-Z)  


10th & 12th        Yvette Torres (A-F)  

10th & 12th        Kaytan Shah (G-N)  

10th  & 12th       Brenda Villaverde (O-Z) 



Mrs. Gonzalez, Principal over Guidance Office

Ms. Maribel Montes Guidance Office Staff:


Guidance Office Hours:
310-603-1582 ext. 6014
*Students are welcome and encouraged to see their counselor during lunch and after school*


Students and Parents:

Each Counselor has a group message on the Remind app. Text 81010 and enter the code that corresponds to your child’s grade to get updates from the Counselor.

Cada consejero tiene un mensaje de grupo en la aplicacion de Remind. Text 81010 y entre el codigo que corresponde al grado de su hijo/a para recibir mensajes del consejero.


9th and 11th Grade Students

Melissa Walker (A-F)

Remind codes:        9th: @2024walker        11th: @2022walker


Erika Ontiveros (G-N)

Remind codes:        9th: @hello2024      11th: helloonti              


Daniel Torres (O-Z)

Remind codes:        9th: 2024torres       11th: @dtorres3



10th and 12th Grade Students


Yvette Torres (A-F) 

Remind codes:          10th: @.                          12th: @


Kaytan Shah (G-N)

Remind codes:           10th: @doschool            12th: @be-cool


Brenda Villaverde (O-Z)

Remind Codes:          10th:  @2023bv              12th: @77bf3



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