School Counseling Team

Greetings Knight Family!  The 2021/2022 school term begins the 20th year of my career at Lynwood High School as an Academic Counselor. 

I grew up in this community and I am also an alumna of Lynwood High School, which I am proud to say, paved the way for my professional career.  After graduating high school, I attended CSU Dominguez Hills, where I completed studies for my Bachelor’s Degree.  Soon after, I began working in the Superintendent’s Office at the Compton Unified School District and also at a variety of schools serving students through numerous roles at the elementary, community day and other secondary and post-secondary school levels, which included, substitute teaching and elementary school teacher.

While working in Compton, I joined a cohort of students at Azusa Pacific University, where I began my studies to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education and a PPS Credential in School Counseling.  After earning this degree, I returned home to Lynwood High School and this is where I began my extensive school counseling career, once again, as a Royal Lynwood Knight.

My experience in teaching and in high school and adult school counseling have provided me with valuable insight about the way students learn, behave, and succeed.  I have a strong passion for working with the most challenging students.  My role as a school counselor has truly been rewarding and I am excited to be working in the community where I was born, raised and where students, teachers, administrators, and parents are vested in each child’s educational success.  My belief is to always encourage all students to strive to achieve their goals. 

As always, I wish everyone an amazing school year!

Mr. Torres was born in Lynwood CA. He has worked as an educator in the Lynwood Unified School District for the past sixteen years, ten years as an adult school teacher and six years as a high school counselor. Mr. Torres attended the University of California Riverside and the California State University Dominguez Hills where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Education.
Mr. Shah was born and raised in San Diego, CA and graduated from UCSD in 1994 with a B.A. in Psychology.  His parents were born and raised from India and instilled in him a hard work ethic and taking advantage of going to college.  After several years of working two part-time jobs, he went to South Korea to teach English. Through that experience, he was introduced into “backpacking” by going to Nepal, Thailand and India.   After 20 countries under his belt and three years of South Korea, he decided to come back to San Diego and go to graduate school to become a high school counselor. Though he has been a plumber, construction worker, bartender, camp counselor, mental health therapist and having visited 50 countries, he finds life is about how you live, not what you do.  He has worked with the K-12 population for the past 32 years and Lynwood students the past 17 years and finds himself lucky for not having worked a day in his life.
Lynwood High School alumna, Ms. Brenda Villaverde is a first-generation college graduate who is aware of the needs of the community that raised her.  She always knew she wanted to give back to Lynwood, so Ms. Villaverde graduated and went on to earn her Bachelor's degree from California State University Fullerton and her Masters Degree in Education in School Counseling with a PPS credential. She has experience working with grade levels K-12 and loves creating a positive impact on our youth in meaningful ways. Currently, she serves as a school counselor for Lynwood High with a caseload of 10th and 12th graders. Ms. Villaverde is appreciative of the opportunity she has to work at her Alma Mater and is grateful to be in a position where she can provide the necessary guidance and support to Lynwood Students, Staff and Families. 
Bio Coming Soon!
Bio Coming Soon!