VIDEO: Lynwood Unified Paves Way for Brighter Future at Lynwood High School with Demolition Ceremony

Lynwood Unified’s flagship high school reached a significant milestone on Nov. 6, when District leaders held a demolition ceremony to mark the commencement of a new phase in the reconstruction journey. The event was a pivotal moment for the Lynwood Unified community following the 2020 collapse of a classroom building at the Lynwood High School Imperial Campus that led to the Knights being relocated. 

Notable speakers and staunch advocates of the Lynwood community included Assemblymember Mike Gipson, Assembly Speaker Emeritus Anthony Rendon and Sen. Lena Gonzales, all of whom played a critical role in securing $250 million from the State Legislature to fund the construction of a new 175,000-square-foot classroom building, expected to open in Fall 2027.

“Today is a celebration of leadership and community and what we are able to accomplish in the face of adversity to ensure our students can excel in their academic and personal pursuits,” Board President Alfonso Morales, Esq., said. “Before its collapse, this high school served generations of students and was a place of learning, growth and cherished moments. Now, we are ready to set the foundation upon which countless dreams will be built by a new generation of scholars.” 

One of those future scholars includes Annie Lopez, a fifth-grader at Wilson Elementary School who will enter the new campus as a freshman and is poised to graduate in 2032.

“I am very excited to be here today as we celebrate a new future filled with opportunities and experiences for us all,” Annie shared during the ceremony. “Although this high school won’t open for another four years, I am grateful to our school district for committing to serve students with the very best, and I want to thank all the people who have been working hard to make this new high school a reality.”

While removal of the building’s interior structure has begun, the exterior demolition of the building is estimated to be complete in February 2024, with construction beginning in Summer 2024. The new central building will feature a culinary arts kitchen and medical and art facilities with specialized equipment and technology. The athletic fields will also be redesigned and rebuilt to enhance athletic and physical activities.

“Through the hard work of teachers and staff, leaders, community and partners, we have been able to restore the standard of excellence that our Lynwood Unified students deserve,” Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite, Ph.D. “We are overjoyed and grateful that we have finally arrived to this day with the support of our fearless leaders, our Board of Education and our entire community.”